Hicky Picker Roller

Hicky Picker Roller

The Hickey Picker is a newly improved and patented ink form roller having a superior, napped material, to sweep dust and other foreign matter of the printing plate. It does not cover up the contaminants, as imitation hickey pickers do.

This form roller is chemically treated at the factory to develop an attracting field. The roller captures and holds loose particles until normal clean up at the end of the press run. There is a choice of coarse finish or fine finish, depending on your printing application.

The Hickey Picker roller can be used in any of the four ink form roller positions. For Maximum contamination removal the long-nap finish roller is recommended for the 1st or 2nd- over position. This is especially effective for recycled paper and board printing applications.

If it is difficult to install in the 1st or 2nd position, then the short-nap roller is recommended for use in the 3rd or 4th-over position. With the proper plate stripe setting and attention to ink/water balance, the roller will not pattern during printing.

This roller will need periodic maintenance, to clean off contamination and renew the surface. Full cleaning instructions are enclosed with every roller.

Additional Information

  • Eliminates plate induced hickeys
  • Recommended for dark colours and solid coverage units
  • Installed as an inker roller
  • Recommended for use in first inking position, or second position when there is a bridging roller, using long nap
  • Recommended for use in the third or fourth over position using the short nap
  • Especially effective when printing with board and recycled paper

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