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We manufacture a huge range of press ready rollers >

Research & Development

Sigma Global has a Research & Development Organisation which has a dedicated team of Technologists constantly upgrading existing formulations to meet current legislation, as well as developing innovative products, where there is a need for greater chemical resistance, flexibility and strength.

Laser Mike

All Sigma Global factories have a Laser Mike on site to measure the dimensions, run-out and taper on rollers with precision accuracy.

Real World Testing Machine

The Real World Testing Machine is used to extensively test newly developed compounds for chemical resistance in a working environment prior to being evaluated in the marketplace. 22

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Our Solutions

As a worldwide direct & OEM supplier to the printing industry, we are unparalleled. Featured Solutions: Press Ready Rollers and Professional Series of compounds

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Our Capabilities

Rollers built to your specification, custom compounded elastomers, decorative design, CNC machining, and more. See how we are the perfect fit for your business.

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Our Statistics & Analysis

This shows how robust our rollers are and analysis reveal how many impressions you can get out of our rollers compared to the average roller.