For alcohol 6 - 10% contents

A Dampening compound that transfers and delivers a precise film of water and ink to achieve superior print quality.

Sigma Global has developed the new AquaFLO10 compound to provide optimum transfer of a uniform and consistent film of dampening fluid to the printing plate.

With excellent dampening application to the image, the AquaFLO10 roller offers improved abrasion resistance to edge marks from plate and paper and enhanced durability and longevity of performance.

Additional Information

  • Excellent dampening application to the image.
  • Improved abrasion resistance to edge marks from plate and paper.
  • Enhanced durability and longevity performance.
  • Enhanced resistance to distortion and chemical attack.
  • Designed for high performance printing presses.
  • Suitable for running Alcohol Free.
  • Resists surface deterioration from high speed differentials.

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