Webex Compound

WEBEX has been developed over a 10 year period to meet the exacting requirements of todays heatset and coldset web-offset presses. Webex shows low shrinkage when exposed to the traditional solvent based solutions, has low hysteresis, runs cooler.

Additional Information

  • For use with conventional inks
  • Can be used in any position
  • Available in a variety of hardness for print applications
  • Can run at web speeds in excess of 900metres/min (3000ft/min)
  • Able to be used in triple nip applications
  • Demonstrates low permanent swell in low VOC chemistries

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As a worldwide direct & OEM supplier to the printing industry, we are unparalleled. Featured Solutions: Press Ready Rollers and Professional Series of compounds

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This shows how robust our rollers are and analysis reveal how many impressions you can get out of our rollers compared to the average roller.